In this book, author Parag Jasani uses just 5 functional components of the model he has developed to explain diverse mind and brain phenomena, including topics mentioned below (followed by their page numbers):

  • What is mind? Why do you have it? How does it develop? 13, 67, 110
  • What are thoughts? How do they get converted into language? 36, 42
  • What makes you capable of making your own decisions? 135
  • How do you understand other people's minds? 115
  • How do you interact with the world? 27
  • Why do you think in language? 56
  • Why only parts of your thoughts are processed in language? 56
  • How do you select thoughts to be communicated to others? 59
  • What is the basis of the inner voice you hear while thinking? 55
  • What are different kinds of thought processes & how do they work? 36
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