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The author Parag Jasani is a self-taught, multifaceted innovator with more than four decades of work experience in diverse fields, including the production of machine tools, creation of virtual 3D models & animations and creation & implementation of innovative tools for homogeneous networks. He has many firsts in the field of 3D animation in India. A college dropout, he has been interested in understanding what life is from a very young age.

He is the first to use "systems thinking" approach (i.e. brain-as-a-system approach) to develop Dichotomized Operating System model (DOS model), the first ever causal account of human mind.

The significance of his findings can be gauged by the fact that 159 years after Charles Darwin revealed how the process of natural selection has contributed to physical development of organisms; he is the first to reveal how the exact same process has contributed to the mental development of organisms.

Besides being Darwin's counterpart, he has used his findings to single-handedly convert discoveries made by great scientists like the ones mentioned below, which were based on ideas, observations and opinions, into robust knowledge backed by fully causal explanations of their underlying mechanisms that work collectively to form the human mind:


157 years after Paul Broca discovered speech production centre typically located in the left hemisphere of the brain, he is the first to explain the reason why.


119 years after William James revealed that there are two kinds of thinking in the human brain: associative and true reasoning, he is the first to explain reasons behind having each of them.


113 years after the Nobel Laureate Ian Pavlov discovered the phenomenon of classical conditioning, he is the first to explain the mechanism responsible for the same.


56 years after the Nobel Laureate Roger Sperry revealed that each human brain has two minds that think differently and independently, he is the first to explain reason why and how they work.


38 years after Giacomo Rizzolatti discovered the mirror neuron system, he is the first to explain the mechanism responsible for the same.


28 years after the Nobel Laureate Francis Crick discovered that one of the functions of consciousness is to present the result of various underlying computations; he is the first to explain what such computations are and how they contribute to consciousness.


23 years after David Chalmers formulated "the hard problem of consciousness", which is about how and why physical processes in the brain give rise to subjective experiences, he is the first to resolve it.


9 years after Iain McGilchrist revealed that both hemispheres of the brain are functionally specialized, he is the first to explain mechanisms responsible for the same.


7 years after the Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman revealed that two systems govern how the mind works; he is the first to causally explain what those systems are and how they work together.


6 years after Simon Baron-Cohen proposed the empathizing–systemizing theory, he is the first to explain mechanisms responsible for the same.

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Notes: 1) All "first time" claims mentioned above are based on the first ever fully causal account of the human mind 2) The time periods mentioned between the discoveries are approximate.